Programs and Classes

Greenwood offers the following programs and classes

Full time daycare

Greenwood offers full time day care for children ages 2 though 5. School hours are 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

The day care child is part of the preschool division during the morning, combined with all the children of that particular age. Lunch is offered at noon, followed by a rest period. Plenty of time is scheduled for outside play, as well as a variety of indoor activities. Snacks are offered throughout the child's day and good nutrition is emphasized. Children bring their lunches and staff members do warming and assist at tables.

Summer Care
Summer care is a special time when children are able to swim, cook, create with various arts/craft mediums, put on plays, enjoy walking, swim lessons, take walks, and enjoy the outdoors to the fullest. School hours are 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM.

Before/After Care
Before and after care is available for elementary students from two nearby schools, as well as a full summer program. Care is also offered when the public schools are closed due to weather, holidays and early releases.

Preschool Two's class
Preschool Three's class
Preschool Four's class
Junior Kindergarten

The preschool classes meet 9:30 AM to 12:30, Monday through Friday.

The Two-Year Old Class is available for those children who exhibit readiness to leave home for a few mornings each week. These children are exposed to art, music, play, toilet training, cooking, and socialization. The teachers are very loving and help the children to successfully separate from home and family.

The Three-Year Old Class is for those children who turn three by September 30th. These are children who have been potty trained, and are learning to become more and more independent. Colors and Shapes are presented to the children, as well as numbers and letters, all in a format that is age appropriate. Also included: foreign language, as well as group experiences in music, cooking, literature, art and gardening.

The Four-Year Old Class is available for any child who is 4 by September 30th. In this class, the children are prepared for Kindergarten, by being part of a larger group and much time is spent becoming self-sufficient. Numbers and letters, as well as emerging writing skills are worked on. There are weekly cooking, science, math and French experiences offered, as well as art, music and physical activities outside along with lots of fun!

The Junior Kindergarten is a class for children who turn 5 in the fall and are too young for regular Kindergarten, or for a child who needs an extra year before starting public school. Much time is spent in group activities, such as listening tapes, journals, workbooks, science, math and French. Challenges are offered to the children daily in the form of brain games, etc., and computer time is available daily as well. Music, stories, games and fun help to round out the curriculum.