Four's Class

Teachers: Molly Fudala & Nisha Sanjay

Class Information

The Four-Year Old Class is available for any child who is 4 by September 30th. In this class, the children are prepared for Kindergarten, by being part of a larger group and much time is spent becoming self-sufficient. Numbers and letters, as well as emerging writing skills are worked on. There are weekly cooking, science, math and French experiences offered, as well as art, music and physical activities outside along with lots of fun!

Four Year Old Program


This class is designed to prepare the preschool child for kindergarten. This is done in many ways such as learning to be part of a large group, waiting in line, sharing, rotation of class duties, increasing the amount of time spent listening respectfully in a group setting and doing as much as is possible for oneself.


Children are encouraged to zip their own coats, visit the bathroom alone, wash their hands by themselves and take care of their personal items. They put away their own snack dishes, discard their own trash and clean up the classroom daily after free play.


The day is divided into quite and noisy activities, such as Free Play, Circle Time, Snack and Learning Time, Outside and finally a Round Up of the morning with stories and songs.


Each child is taught how to correctly write his/her name, using the public school format of one uppercase letter and the rest lowercase letters. Many children are also ready for their last name and this is taught as well.


The alphabet is studied, in order, using all 26 letters. The letter sound is introduced as well as the letter formation and name. Numbers 0 through 20 are also worked with in various ways to help reinforce numerical concepts, recognition, rote counting and one to one correspondence. Colors and shapes are reviewed as needed by the individual and worked with in group settings.


Art is child-driven and not cookie cutter variety. Various art materials are provide for unique creations by budding artists. Fine motor strength and skills, scissor and gluing skills are stressed. 


The classroom is center-based with Dramatic Play, Science, Number, Listening, Book, Art, Gross Motor and Puzzle/Game centers to provide a rich learning experience.